Johnstown Missouri

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Paranormal Investigation
Johnstown Missouri

Time investigation started: 09/03/2011 2:00 pm

Time investigation ended: 09/04/2011 3:00am

Weather: At the beginning of the investigation it was warm and sunny and 85 degrees.
By 7pm a major thunderstorm blew in and was present off and on all night.

SMGw Investigators: Bobby and Christine Blue, Sherry and Jim Laughlin, Colleen May and Jason Coffman

Equipment used: 3 Sony Mini DV Handicams, 1 BH HD video cam, 1 Sony, 2 RCA and 1 Olympus digital audio recorders, 3 EMF detectors, Parabolic dish, 2 digital still shot cameras and weather/temp meter.

We had heard all of the stories about the haunting surrounding the Johnstown Mo. Area. We had even seen the video produced by Fox Network, Scariest Places on Earth. So when invited by Missouri Ghost Hunters Society, the now present owners of the property, we could not pass up this investigation opportunity.

Background info:
The original property investigated for it’s paranormal activity is now a beautiful camp ground. The old haunted house has been demolished. However, the spirits who tortured the residence of that home may still be present on the land. The only surviving structure on the property is the old barn. Built sometime in the mid 1800’s the Dutch style barn has seen it’s fair share of turmoil. It is said the barn was used in the civil war era for more than housing horses and farm equipment. Reports have been made that this barn was also the place where Confederate and Union soldiers collided in a few battle skirmishes. This is the place where civil war field trials and hangings took place. It is even thought to be a place where Quantrill’s Raiders rode by seeing the Union soldiers encampment and opened fire on them. In the process the raiders killed the farm family living there. ( this is a loose interpretation of a very in-depth story). Also present on the land is the original pond. It is thought that disposing of human body parts in the pond was a common occurrence during the war trials. It is also believed that this property holds over 100 unmarked graves.

To do this investigation right we decided to set up camp for the night. It was our plan to stay on the property for a full 24 hours.

The Investigation:
After setting up camp and fixing some dinner on the pit fire our team proceeded to sweep the area for EMF, Temps and still photos. We also spend much time during the daylight dowsing for graves. And yes, we did find many unmarked grave sites.
Then, the rain began. What started out as a beautiful day turned quickly into a stormy afternoon. The storms would move in, flood the area then move out again. During this time we did the best we could keeping equipment covered and yet still investigating the property. We even got a little fishing in during the ‘wait ‘time.

Since the only real dry place on the property was the old barn, we concentrated our investigation in there. We set up 3 digital voice recorders in numerous places in the facility. We also set up a stationary video camera with the parabolic dish attached for enhanced audio and had with us two hand held video cameras too. We kept the EMF and Temp monitors close at hand. For 2 hours in the evening we spend in the old barn. When the rain would subside we would venture out onto the property to investigate.

By the time night fell the storm had settled in. We moved back into the barn and hunkered down for the rest of the night. The barn was dry enough to explore it’s many nooks and crannies but the animal droppings (owl) were so profuse we really couldn’t set up a permanent camp. While the storm raged and we really mean raged outside. We did the best we could to call upon the spirits who may be residing there.

Just imagine yourself, in an old barn, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night, lightening striking all around you, wind blowing the loose barn wood to the rhythm of the crashing thunder. Spooky Man! Spooky.

At around 3am there was a lull in the storm. It was decided to pack up what equipment and camping items we could and head home. Home not being very far away. We had no personal fear of the spirits whom might be hiding in the shadows wondering just what in the world we were doing there. Our fear was the moisture reeking havoc on our equipment. So we headed home, soggy, drained and just slightly disappointed.

We did get about 5 hours of good audio and video to review. And to our surprise we captured nothing to share. Of course, this does not negate the paranormal experiences others have had at Johnstown. We just didn’t capture anything we could call paranormal.

Our hosts, Brian and Linda Lyle have been gracious enough to extend an open invitation to our team for further investigations on this property. We look forward to that

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