News Item: The Marfa Lights
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Posted by colleen
Friday 09 September 2011 - 17:30:28

In the winter of 2003, some of our team took a trip to Alpine, TX. While we were there, the locals told us about the Marfa Lights. Apparantly, these unexplained lights have been gracing the local region with their brilliant lights for hundreds of years and have become like family to the people who live there. We'd never heard of them before, but coming from Missouri, we knew about the Joplin Spook Lights. So, we packed up our video camera and bundled up for a long night in the high desert to bring you this video of the coolest modern-day light anomalies you've ever seen. They can be seen every night, no matter the weather, and there have been hundreds of people try to figure them out... but no luck with that. The bottom line is: They are very beautiful and no one has been able to chase them down OR understandyou what they are. Here's to the Marfa Lights! Truly an amazing phenomenon!

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