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Monday 02 November 2009
The Albino Farm and Dwarf Road Archives
Albino Farm Producers Release Ghost Photo

Ghost captured on film during the shooting of this independent horror flick

We've been telling you to watch for this photo, and here it is! We are pleased and proud to announce the producers of Albino Farm (www.albinofarmthemovie.com) have partnered with Show Me Ghosts West for the release of this very interesting and thought-provoking image.
In May of 2007, our own Colleen May was working as head makeup artist on the set of Albino Farm, an independent horror movie filmed in the hills and hollers of Missouri. When the film went into the editing room, a strange glitch was discovered in one frame of footage taken from outside Warrensburg, MO. When it was discovered, editors were combining footage to create the illusion of an actor nearly being run over by an SUV on a rural road. This process involved using digital special effects mattes on the footage, which produced the unbelievable anomaly seen below. Producers had this to say about the technical evaluation of the image: "To date, there has been no technical explanation as to how this image came about. Whether a coincidental case of shadows and artifacts or a captured image of an actual ghost, it’s undeniably freaky." The bottom line is that it was only one frame and the anomaly didn't effect any of the other frames around it.
We have provided 4 different examples of this image for your consideration. The darker of the images are the original as they came to us, both in the original size and enlarged. The lighter of the images have been adjusted for brightness and contrast, both in the original size and enlarged. Beside the brightness/contrast and size adjustment, this frame image has not been altered in any way.

The story on this image is an on-going evaluation, research project and investigation. We will be keeping you posted on the newest information as we get it, so keep your eyes peeled! Next up, we plan to post the actual footage, then we're going to Warrensburg to see what we can find in a Show Me Ghosts West investigation. Stay tuned!

Original Size

[ image disabled ]

Enlarged Size

[ image disabled ]

The Dwarf Road Investigation

SMGw investigates the road where the movie Albino Farm captured a ghost on film while shooting on location...

Yes, folks... we took Albino Farm actor, Paul Ford, out to the location where the ghost was captured on film, and we conducted a paranormal investigation. It was the first time we had ever investigated a road, so it was quite an experience, and we're turning up some evidence we didn't expect. We'll be releasing our results and an awesome new episode of "You're Not Crazy- A Paranormal Journal" over the next few weeks, so STAY TUNED!!

UPDATE: AS OF 08/19/2009 The Investigation Report is up for you to read; about how this all came together, how the investigation went, what's next and the pictures from the investigation.

Click here to see the Dwarf Road Investigation Report

As we speak Colleen is doing the edits on the video portion, Keep tuning in!!

UPDATE: AS OF 8/27/2009 The Dwarf Road Video is available to view! We uploaded the 3-part series early this morning. You can check out on the Dwarf Road Investigation Report, or you can visit our youtube channel to see them in a larger size. Enjoy!

The Albino Farm & Dwarf Road Investigation Video Episode

Our video episode of the Dwarf Road investigation for the Albino Farm movie

8.27.09- Finally! Here it is and hot off the press! Our investigation of Dwarf Road for the movie Albino Farm turned up way more than we bargained for.
We uploaded the 3-part series early this morning. You can check them out below, on the Dwarf Road Investigation Report, or you can visit our youtube channel to see them in a larger size. Enjoy!

Dwarf Road Part 1 of 3

Dwarf Road Part 2 of 3

Dwarf Road Part 3 of 3

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