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My Granny's Attic Investigation

What in Tarnation is an EVP?

The Marfa Lights

EVP Debunk

Eldorado Springs - Palace Hotel, POPS Museum EVP and Orb

A Paranormal Moment~ Urban Legends and The Growl

Ball Lightning?

What About Orbs?

Talking To Ghosts With Show Me Ghosts West

SMGw Halloween 2010

Sneak Peek of Our New Feature Film

When A Friend Haunts You

Grove Street Trailer Investigation

Dwarf Road Investigation Part 1

Dwarf Road Investigation Part 2

Dwarf Road Investigation Part 3

UFO Rods and Skyfish Video Paranormal Investigation By Show Me Ghosts West

SMGw Paranormal Sampler

Seese Building Investigation -Part 5

Seese Building Investigation -Part 4

Seese Building Investigation -Part 3

Seese Building Investigation -Part 2

Seese Building Investigation -Part 1

Ella White

Ghost Is Startled By The Date

The Haunted Wall- Lights in Cellblock 4

The Haunted Wall Trailer

Jeff City Gas Chamber

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