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El Dorado Springs Mo
Wayside Inn Museum
on Monday 25 April 2011
by chris author list
in SMGw Investigations > Historical Site Investigations

On April 9th 2011 Bobby, Colleen and Chris investigated the Wayside Inn Museum located in Historic El Dorado Springs Mo.
Prior to the investigation the team was interviewed by the local newspaper The El Dorado Springs Sun.
We thought we would share that article here, along with a few pictures from the investigation. There will be more to come on this investigation.

El Dorado Springs Sun
Front Page Thursday, April 14, 2011
Spook team tours museum
Who: Show-me Ghosts West
What: paranormal investigations
When: after dark, Saturday, April 9
Where: Wayside Inn Museum
Why: well,..why not?

As teenagers in 1984, Bobby Joe, Christine and Colleen, may have looked the part of average kids, but their after hours hobby probably wasn’t the norm for the time, nor is it now. Instead of driving fast cars, drinking and getting into trouble, they decided to walk around in the dark at an old 1920’s swim club near Grandview and look for ghosts. Those early exploits lead to the later establishment of Show-Me Ghosts West.
“We saw lots of lights and heard strange voices and the sound of billiards,” Christine said.”“As we were leaving we saw a spirit standing in our path. As we walked through him, he disappeared. We all agreed we had all seen the same thing. It was the catalyst that brought us together as a group.”
But high school graduation, marriage and careers took precedent for more than 20 years. With their own children grown, they decided to get back in the “business” in 2007.
Chris and Bobby Joe Blue from Butler and Colleen May from Kansas City have spent the last four years during their weekends creeping around in old homes and businesses, jails and cemeteries or anywhere the hint of those from the “other side” might be residing or causing trouble. Their avocation has taken them over Missouri and parts of Kansas.
Even though most people think that looking for ghosts and spirits as a potentially dangerous job, all of them have had positive experiences dealing with spirit activity.
“Each person has a different experience. Some people will runaway. We’re receptive. It intrigues us rather than scares us. We’re a good group together,” Chris said.
She continued,”“We don’t use psychics anymore, because we’re looking to share information. A psychic gives you subjective information and you don’t have any real knowledge if it is true or not. We need positive evidence. That’s what people are looking for. Now that we have the web, we can share this information.”
The trio takes their job and responsibilities very seriously. “We’re God fearing people,” says Chris. “There are people out there who, through ignorance, inadvertently open these portals and you don’t know what’s coming through. We do a lot of clean up, fixing other people’s messes. But if we can’t handle it, we’ll call whomever you need – a priest, a minister, a shaman. Ouija boards open portals. We don’t use those.” Nor are they involved in seances though they have been in the past.
Colleen does confess to being a medium and having conducted seances. She says she has been directed by many spirit guides.
“We don’t know why spirits are where they are. Common theories are quick death, murder, an emotional death, a sense of something that is undone and needs to be finished, but sometimes a spirit just takes a liking to a certain place and some have actually followed us home,” Chris said.
According to the three, there are intelligent haunts and residual haunts that are sort of like a video or recording of a certain event. In other words, the same thing happens over and over again. Then there are inter-dimensional things and demons, diabolicals and, yes, even angels. They say that the veil that separates our world from the unseen is thin and getting thinner.
There is no charge for the services of Show-Me Ghosts West.
The group does this to help the living and the dead and to share information. And there is a certain entertainment value. They also do a lot of debunking. Debunking usually comes in with noises and they try to find the source of the sound - a loose window, something in a fan or a floorboard that squeaks - things like that. They also reproduce photographs to determine if what looks like dust or smoke is really dust or smoke. In the future they would like to see an international data base.
The investigative process takes about 3 – 5 hours. Most are done at night because of using the infrared light. But they don’t have to be done at night. The core group is Bobby Joe, Christine and Colleen. There is a separate team for blessings and cleansings. Sherry Laughlin and Jason Coffman from KC are also part of their group.
Show-Me Ghosts West is not the only group involved in the paranormal and spiritual world. Bobby Joe says there are eight such groups in Butler alone.

We have more photos loaded under our Photo section -
Click here for More Investigation Photos from the Wayside Inn Museum Investigation

Here is the video update

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