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on Monday 14 June 2010
by chris author list
in SMGw Investigations > Historical Site Investigations

Once again we investigate in an area that had heavy civil war engagement and boarder warring. The house itself is interesting as it has seven front entrance doors and only 1 door in the back of the house.

Show Me Ghosts West
Paranormal Investigation
House of Doors
SE Missouri

Time investigation started: 7:00pm
Time investigation ended: 1:30pm
Weather: Cool, Damp, Rainy-no major storms.
SMGw Investigators: Bobby and Christine Blue, Sherry
Laughlin, Colleen May
Hosting Investigators: The Society of Historical Curiosities; Jodi Roberts and Mike Iske and their team

Background Info: Our team was asked to assist with an investigation at a private home where a family member had recently passed away. The age of the home is in question. We believe it is somewhere between 70-90 years old. The property however has been noted as being an active farm/plantation since the mid 1800’s. Once again we investigate in an area that had heavy civil war engagement and boarder warring. The house itself is interesting as it has seven front entrance doors and only 1 door in the back of the house.

Part of the investigation was used to try and make contact with a recently deceased family member. Certain members of this family knew that the recently deceased person was interested in the paranormal and watched many of the paranormal television shows on air today. They felt that if this person could make contact they would as they would know (and remember) what paranormal search groups are all about. The other part of the investigation was to find and document some of the unexplained sites and sounds members of the family had experienced, prior to the death of their family member.

It was reported to us that the mother and son of the home would hear clear, sometimes loud, knocking and walking around in the upstairs area. They reported to hear these sounds frequently and separately as well as together. At one point the sounds were so annoying to the mother she addressed it by saying, “hey, stop making all of that noise” and the sounds ceased.

Another report was from the son. He reported that, one evening while looking out one of the upstairs windows and into the Ag field next door, he saw soldiers. They appeared to be in civil war clothing and fighting with another group of soldiers. When he turned to call to someone downstairs and turned back the vision was gone.

The Investigation: We started out by breaking into teams. All women in one team, all men in the other and the women went first. They started in the upstairs area of the house the north eastern bedrooms in particular. Two video and three audio devices were used and an evp session began. There seemed to be a heavy presence in these rooms. Several of the team experienced shortness of breath, thumping sounds similar to a heartbeat and light anomalies bounding around. Small tapping noises were also heard and could not be traced down to any source. They spent about an hour in this area of the home.

They second team, the men, started their investigation in the lower level north eastern bedroom. This was the room the family members had returned to find their beloved Poppi lying dead on the floor. Mike, a lead member of the host group, started an evp session while Bobby took video footage. Mike knew the types of questions to ask. Poppi had been his step-dad and he had known him well. They then moved into the north western bedroom of the home and repeated the investigation process.

The next step was to take the entire team through the house. At this time there were 2 videos and 3 voice recorders running and 9 investigators. They spent much time in the bedroom of Poppi, the foyer and the second bedroom downstairs. With the mixing of the different styles of investigation we were certain we could capture something creepy to share. During this part of the investigation the rainy weather picked up steam a bit and many noises of tapping and banging were happening. We had to discount it to the storm and tree branches hitting the house.

The Findings:
The findings in this case were disappointing. Out of all of the audio and video taken that night, nothing paranormal showed up. We were so sure we would have caught something that night we reviewed all of the material three separate times. Nothing, zip, too bad. And yes we were all sad. However we, as always, enjoyed each others company. Bumping around in a dark old spooky house together is our idea of good time.

Show Me Ghosts West would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Mike and Jodi and their entire Society of Historical Curiosities team. Let’s do it again sometime!
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