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Diane Bartels - Regional Member
on Sunday 15 November 2009
by chris author list
in Show Me Ghosts West Members > SMGw Regional Members

This is a little bit about Diane.

Diane Bartels = Diane is the newest member of our team. We were pleased to be introduced to her during our investigations at the Bates Co. Museums. Diane has a long history of being a paranormal enthusiast. She may not be, as the rest of the members are, long time friends of each member, however she does fit into the group quite nicely.

By day Diane is a working mother of 2. She assists the museum curator in two facilities working closing with history everyday.
By night Diane is essential to SMGw by doing any job she is assigned. She works well with the EMF detector and seeks out EMF spikes. Diane also has a great intitutive nature. She knows how to use that talent to the benefit of the whole team. Diane will be helpful during investigations we do in her neck of the woods.

I really need a better picture of her.....
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