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Jim Laughlin
Jim Laughlin - Our Personal Skeptic and Debunker
on Tuesday 25 August 2009
by chris author list
in Show Me Ghosts West Members > SMGw Regional Members

Here is a bit about Jim...

Jim Laughlin -Jimmie is our resident skeptic of most things paranormal. Being Chris’ brother, Sherry’s husband and Bobby’s best friend he has for the most part been forced to participate by association.

By day Jim is an Operating Engineer, highly educated in the aspects of boilers, chillers, electricity and various building maintenance activities. He is the father of 3 and Granddad of 3. He loves to fish and hunt and ride his bike, generally being outdoors any time he gets the chance.

By night Jim assists SMGw with technical issues, loading and unloading of equipment and monitoring of stationary surveillance. Jim also helps the members stay grounded when the paranormal kicks in with his debunking talents.
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