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on Wednesday 19 August 2009
by chris author list
in SMGw Investigations > Non-Historical Investigations
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Background Info:
Albino Farm the movie was written, directed and produced by Joe Anderson and Sean McEwin as a horror film based on an old, Ozark legend. While the film makers may have taken artistic license with their interpretations and the movie was not shot at the actual location, the Albino Farm is real. It is surrounded with bizarre stories, scary legends and a strange vagueness in the local historical archives.

When the film went into post-production, the editors found something quite unusual in the footage

Imagine being the editor. You're editing this horror film, cruisin' through the footage late one night when a quick glitch in the film catches your eye. You isolate the one, glitched frame and find this image staring back at you.

The following is an excerpt from an email, by the assistant editor to his friends.

“I assure you that no Photoshop work has been done. Let me know what you think, it freaks me out every time I look at it.”


JUNE 16 2009

This is where Show Me Ghosts West came in. Since there didn't seem to be a technical or logical reason for this image anomaly, Joe Anderson asked the team to give our paranormal opinion. Understand that only one frame in this footage was affected with this anomaly and the only enhancement we made was to adjust the brightness and contrast.

What you will be seeing here is the actor in the middle of the road with his back to you. This image has become known as the "Dwarf Road Image" and has stirred up a lot of interest, particularly around the Old Dwarf himself, Paul Ford.

We decided it was time to take a trip to Dwarf Road and we took Paul with us.

JUNE 16,2009
Time investigation started: 6:00pm (the approx time the photo anomaly occurred)
Time investigation ended: 11:00pm
Weather: Warm, Humid, Storms were present in areas but not where we were,
Investigators: Bobby Blue, Christine Blue, Colleen May, Sherry Laughlin, Diane Bartels, Paul Ford
Equipment used: 2 EMF detectors, 2 digital voice recorders, 3 digital cameras all different brands, 1 Hi-8 camcorder 1 Mini DV camcorder, 1 black light, 1 battery converter, 2 stationary IR lights, Safety cones, Safety jackets for each person, 1 Black Light

The Investigation: We wanted to have as many elements on the investigation that were present the day the anomaly was captured on film. So, we started our investigation at approximately 6pm on a warm June day, in the middle of a road, just as it had been 2 years before.

Paul Ford was a great sport and reenacted his part of the scene captured. Paul got down in the middle of the road as positioned that day 2 years ago and our members started taking tons of still pictures. We used 3 very different types and quality digital cameras. We demonstrated numerous angles of shots and various settings available on the cameras. We then did the same thing with our video equipment. Now, of course we did not have the professional cameras that the original film makers used, however we did have a variety of nice quality video equipment. We also used several of our staff in place of Paul to get some comparative footage. They would assume the position as Paul and recreate his movements as in the original film footage.

After about 45 minutes of ‘recreation’ we then left the area of interest for a short time. Several member of our team started scouting out the area around Dwarf Road while Colleen did an interview with Paul. We got a good bearing on the area. It was semi-remote, with no housing around and a lake approximately 3 miles to the west. There was a small bridge with some water running under it. The rest of the Dwarf Road was surrounded by crop and pasture land.

As darkness fell and our set up of IR and Black lights placed, we started the paranormal part of the investigation. For several hours we conducted EVP sessions, took many more digital still shots and video footage. All of this was done with the help of Paul Ford as he remained in the area of interest.

Around 9pm the atmosphere changed. A very cool breeze began to blow and it increased for about 10 minutes and then as quickly as it came it left. The humidity was lower now but the road had become dead quiet and completely still. As the evening progressed a low fog started creepy in across the open fields and seemed to gather around us. Sometime just after 9:30 the fog collected around Paul and Bobby, the investigator standing next to him. Paul began to feel quite uneasy. He said the hairs on his head and arms were alert and he felt emotionally vulnerable. We reassured him that he was not alone and that we were all in this together. We also asked if he wanted to stop the investigation. He declined. He wanted this experience as much as we did. Before this night, someone had indicated to Paul that He was the reason for the film anomaly and that maybe He was haunted. The possibility of that is unlikely; however a curious spirit just might have been intrigued by Paul himself. Paul is an interesting person not just by his size but his personality is funny and outgoing.

Between now and 10:30 the cool fog would rise and fall in this area of the road, always centering on Paul and our investigators. At one point Bobby saw a red light, like that of a laser pointer, out in the distant crop field. A few moments later Paul saw the light also. Knowing that no houses or persons were in this area we could not discern what the light could be. Later on in the investigation Colleen saw the red light in another part of the field. As the investigation went forward we encountered more of the changing flow of cool to humid then back to cool again. There was no breeze and it was odd to see that in a group of tall trees, beside the old concrete bridge, only one of them was moving back and forth. Bobby left the group and went up the road to the bridge to investigate. He saw no birds or animal or otherwise, and felt no breeze to make this suspicious motion. By this point we all were experiencing the sensation of claustrophobia to some degree as the night creatures became think in the air around us.

Due to the numerous amounts of bugs and night flying creatures that started to dive-bomb us we concluded the session around 11pm.

OUR FINDINGS: After reviewing all of the pictures, video, voice recordings and personal accounts what we have come up with is even more intriguing, yes! thought provoking enough to spark another ‘You're Not Crazy~ A Paranormal Journal’ video.

Be sure tp enjoy the photos section of this project. For a more comprehensive list of photos visit our Photo Gallery.

8.27.09- The Dwarf Road Video is available to view! We uploaded the 3-part series early this morning. You can check them out below or you can visit our youtube channel to see them in a larger size. Enjoy!

Dwarf Road Part 1 of 3

Dwarf Road Part 2 of 3

Dwarf Road Part 3 of 3

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