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Show Treatment
Treatment for our paranormal reality show
on Monday 08 June 2009
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Show Me Ghosts West team has exceptional success in capturing all types of phenomenon, and that's largely due to 2 things: Our innovative investigative techniques and the fact that our team is so entertaining even the specters want to join in the fun! We are in the process of pitching our show to anyone who will listen, so we've created this treatment.

You’re Not Crazy
A Paranormal Journal

Colleen May

Writers Guild of Amer-W

Logline (short pitch): Ghost Hunters meets That 70’s Show... with infrared, man!

Synopsis: The Show Me Ghosts West paranormal search team (from Missouri, of course) is on the prowl for ghosts! The life-long group of friends spends their time searching for and interacting with the paranormal, as they have for the past 30+ years together. The Bohemian team is interactive, intuitive and humorous with investigations at some of the creepiest locations in the world.
The team will visit locations reported to be haunted or have some type of paranormal interest. SMGw will set up with over-night observations at these locations, obtaining audio, video and still image evidence, incorporating their never-before-seen formatting into their investigations. The format is specifically designed to target audio and video communication with the unseen presences reported to haunt the locations. Yes, that means they can see and hear ghosts in real time while audiences watch!
The SMGw search team relates well to the audience, but they are also experienced paranormal investigators who will take the viewer to places and show them things that most people only read about. They are intelligent and knowledgeable with the history of the location and they do not use “psychics” or “mediums” in their investigations. They do, however, employ their own common sense and intuitive abilities.
The first season will be all about introducing the ground-breaking evidence to the audience. SMGw can talk to disembodied voices. They can see strange lights and shadows. Now, through their innovative technical formatting, they can also share those experiences with anyone who wants to watch. Who knows what things are whispered in the dark or what shadows flit around in a dim room? We’ll find out.
The Cast
Imagine if you will, a paranormal reality show about a circle of friends ranging in age from mid 30’s to mid 40’s, each a character in their own right. They’ve known each other for most of their lives and, despite their diversities, they have a lot in common. Some are married to each other, some are related by blood or marriage, and some have been friends since junior high school. They enjoy the company of one another and their connections are almost magical when they’re together, attracting smiles, interactions and attention wherever they go.
By day, BOBBY BLUE is the Native American (Choctaw) funny man with amazing creativity and quick wit. He’s an ar-tiste, clever little shit who can fix anything with some bailing wire or hot glue. He’s known as the resident cow herder, collector of animals, tractor driver, deer slayer, turkey caller, and drum-beater; not to mention being Father of two, Grand-Pappy to one, and the love of CHRIS’s life.
By night, BOBBY BLUE is the IR guy who sticks his camera into corners the most lion-hearted would shun! He is the calm voice of reason when things get a little too spooky and he is keen in tracking down a physical cause to something that appears to be paranormal.
By day, CHRIS BLUE is the hematite; the quick-witted, grounded one. She’s the corporate girl who telecommutes as an insurance processor and adult skills trainer, but still finds time to be a homemaker (who bakes some wicked candies and pies), and give attention to her 2 children, 1 grandchild and her amateur writing career. CHRIS is commonly referred to as the hostess with the mostest, Captain Morgan’s second shipmate and BOBBY’s main squeeze.
By night, CHRIS BLUE is the interviewer of the ethereal. She spends her evenings with a digital voice recorder, poking around in shadows for ghostly conversation- and she finds it! She is also the resident paranormal photographer.
By day, JASON COFFMAN is the Bohemian and BOBBY’s rogue friend. Webster’s defines Bohemian as: “A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior”. Yep, that’s JASON. He’s a tattooed, music-loving, party animal who is also a passionate and compassionate friend. He’s a physical fitness buff and an awesome bodyguard who has spent the last 10 years being an airbrush body artist and a club manager/cooler. He is Uncle to four, Grand-Uncle to one, as well as being partner in crime and tag-a-long Brother to COLLEEN.
By night, JASON COFFMAN is still a Bohemian, only he’s in a dark location, looking for ghosts. He’s an intuitive guy who has a tendency to draw the attention of little lights racing around the room on IR camera… and he draws girls… and draws flies…
By day, SHERRY LAUGHLIN is the faithful friend with great dimples. She’s a died-in-the-wool music lover who always has a smile to warm the room. SHERRY is the Mother of three, Grandmother of three, and BOBBY and CHRIS’s beloved Sister-In Law.
By night, SHERRY LAUGHLIN is the newbie investigator who monitors the temperature and EMF readings. She has a great sense of intuition and common sense, not to mention her stellar organizational skills.
By day, COLLEEN MAY is the friendly, neighborhood hippy artist and life-long friend to the others. She is an airbrush specialist, body painter ar-tiste, computer whiz (geek!), web creator and SMGw production manager. She has a knack for being a costume and makeup connoisseur, often being found on the set of independent films. She is Mother of four, Grandmother of one, JASON’s big sister, and when she & CHRIS get together, she is Captain Morgan’s first shipmate.
By night, COLLEEN MAY is… well… it depends on the night. On some nights, she can be found creating indie horror film fx, some nights can find her making monsters for commercial haunted houses, and on other nights she can be found joining her SMGw friends for a nice evening in the paranormal jungle. She is the team camcorder nut, spotter of video anomalies, freaky feeling specialist and locations advisor.
The Back Story
This group has a passionate history with many paranormal and other-worldly experiences, both together and individually, leading them into a life-long expedition to explore the unseen/unexplained side of our world. They’ve witnessed a ton of creepy things throughout their lives, but they’ve witnessed just as many amazing and wondrous- all completely unexplained by conventional means. They’ve done their homework on the paranormal subjects over the years, and have been completely dissatisfied with the “research” available. Maybe all of them are a little Bohemian, because they decided to be slightly unconventional in seeking answers.
BOBBY, CHRIS, SHERRY, JASON and COLLEEN put together a paranormal “search” team called Show Me Ghosts West (Yes, they’re all from Missouri) and started collecting ghost-busting equipment. Once they had a couple of Sony NightShot IR camcorders, an EMF meter (electro-magnetic frequency), a digital camera or two, and some digital voice recorders, they started looking for places to conduct practice investigations. A quick word to the grapevine and the local investigations and eerie locations came pouring in. They had a great time tromping through old buildings, graveyards and haunted homes. The footage was funny to watch and before they knew it, they amassed quite a ghostly assortment of EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon), photographs and infrared video clips. Some of the stuff was hysterical (BOBBY and his rogue friend JASON were at it again!), some of the stuff was weird (odd lights, noises, and shadows) and some of it would raise the hair on your neck to unprecedented heights (full EVP conversations with interactive communication). They studied their “search” data and found that they were consistently getting more paranormal evidence in one hour than they had seen the paranormal reality shows get in a full eight hours. That led them to analyze the differences in investigative techniques and they came to the realization that it was time to create a show of their own.
Introducing SMGw’s Innovative Paranormal/Reality Format
“We’re not out to prove the existence of unexplained energies. We know they’re all around us; we want to establish contact & communication.” ~SMGw (Show Me Ghosts West) Investigative Staff
The five members of Show Me Ghosts West have a great time together. This appears to be one of several major formatting differences from shows currently on the air. When the other guys are scared and running from something anomalous, SMGw is moving closer, trying to get better footage and cracking PG-13 (or worse!) jokes all along the way. This humor and camaraderie seems to produce many more supernatural experiences than one would expect, and certainly more than are currently being aired elsewhere.
The team has found that each member is suited to their own talents, which tend cross over and compliment everyone on the team. This brings us to our next ground-breaking format: the audio. While she is a top-notch investigator in many ways, CHRIS has exhibited an uncanny talent for ghostly interviews. She can take a DVR (digital voice recorder) and carry on fully legible conversations with disembodied voices that no one can hear until playback. For this reason, she is often called the lead paranormal interviewer or Ghost Whisperer. While the audio is amazing the way it is, think about what kind of frustration there is for CHRIS in not being able to hear the conversation as it happens. The team has developed an audio format that will enable her to hear any EVP responses in real time, making it completely realistic to carry on an intelligent conversation with ethereal voices.
The interactive audio format is set up as follows: CHRIS conducts her EVP session as usual, but she has radio communication (via ear piece) with an off-sight audio technician. The recording from her DVR is monitored by the audio technician on a 3-6 second delay. If the audio tech hears an EVP response, he can inform CHRIS and she can respond to the anomaly accordingly. It makes for some very interesting conversation!
With an interactive audio format, the team has also developed ideas for interactive video. The film data obtained at several of their investigations leads them to believe that ghostly interaction is also commonly found on infrared video and thermal imaging. A big problem with an IR camera is the small screen, which makes it difficult for the investigators to see what’s going on. SMGw’s innovative video format makes it possible for the team to see the anomalies around them in real time.
The interactive video format is set up as follows: The investigators choose a couple of spectral hot-spots at the investigation location. Infrared lighting is set up, washing the set from above. An IR video or thermal camera and monitor (15”+) are set up at each chosen location. The monitor will show the team what is being recorded around them in real time so they can study and interact with it.
Investigation locations are chosen through a couple of different means: Local legends, frightened or curious property owners, and SMGw’s own weird wish list. SMGw has spent investigation time in decommissioned prison complexes, haunted homes, really haunted commercial haunted houses, old high schools and graveyards, just to name a few. They have many interesting investigations scheduled, including an old battle ground in Warrensburg, MO which was the set for an independent horror film that COLLEEN worked on. Upon reviewing the footage for editing the feature, editors noticed quite an interesting anomaly in the film. SMGw has the exclusive on that story, as well as going back to investigate the location where it was filmed. Others of future investigations include an Ozark speak-easy/insane asylum turned winery/bed & breakfast, an Old West town in the mountains of Colorado, and some of the most historical buildings in Kansas City’s West Bottoms.
The SMGw staff is capable of staying together or splitting up into teams on location for their investigations, depending on the size of the location. Whatever the case, there is a minimum of one crew camera man and crew one audio man accompanying each research group. The accompanying crew members will remain quiet, but not completely anonymous. SMGw wants the audience to understand who is present and the extra footage/audio is always a good idea for editing and research cross-reference. If and when a crew member has a brush with the unknown, they share their experience with real-time honesty. Research team members carry their own cameras, videos, DVR’s, EMF meters, temperature gauges and any other search or research equipment necessary for the investigation. Cast and crew reactions are encouraged throughout the investigation. SMGw does not rely on using psychics, mediums or clairvoyants, but they do utilize their own common sense, intuitions and gut feelings.
On location, the research groups use their equipment, experience, humor, companionship and intuition to explore and inspect potentially anomalous activity. They will evaluate the situation and try to establish a physical cause. If no physical cause can be identified, they are looking specifically to contact and communicate with said anomalies through audio and video technology.
Since the team is so flower-child influenced, the ending scene will certainly reflect their modern hippy-ism. A round table session is held at the end of every investigation. The group will sit in a circle at the location with an IR camera in the center of them. The camera will spin inside the circle, recording everyone’s ending comments. Fog machine optional…
*For SMGw research audio, video or still image samples, please visit their website: www.showmeghostswest.com
*Intended Crew supplemental available upon request.

If you are interested in contacting SMGw about this show idea, please click on this link and let us know.

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