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Bethany House
Private residence now a Public Guest House
on Saturday 11 April 2009
by chris author list
in SMGw Investigations > Non-Historical Investigations

Investigation at Bethany Guest House in Butler, Missouri. January 2009. Investigators present: Bobby and Chris

Bethany House
Butler, Mo
January 2009

Before Bethany House was the beautiful, tranquil commercial guesthouse that it is, it was just a normal residence. This little house has been tucked away in the family neighborhood of small town Butler, Mo for numerous years.

After a few years of some neglect, the place was remodeled. A head to toe makeover was completed. The home could now pass as perfectly new except that it still has the small hometown feel.

Recently, friends of Bobby and Chris purchased this home. Pat and Al Decker took the memories of her mom, as well as some of her belongings, and created a place of retreat. Their clientele are usually traveling ministers, businessmen, families of patients in the hospital, duck hunters or anyone who just needs a nice home to stay in for a short time. It is a home away from home, unlike an impersonal hotel/motel.

Prior to the official opening of the home, to the public, Pat asked for a blessing of the home. She assembled a small group of like-minded friends and with the help of Pastor T. they prayed. They performed a cleansing and blessing. Chris was most fortunate to be apart of this ceremony.

A few weeks later Pat asked Chris and Bobby to ‘check out’ the carriage house in the back. It was the only part of the property that was not included in the prior ceremony.
There was no suspicious activity going on, however Pat was concerned about that part of the facility.

On a Tuesday night, Bobby and Chris set up for an investigation in the carriage house. They set up two digital voice recorders, one Hi-8 video camera and an EMF detector. After a very short time both of them completely agreed, that the place was clean. It just felt clear and as peaceful as the house did. They stayed for a few hours running the equipment. They even did some investigation time in the house. After review of the audio and video, as suspected, nothing turned up as paranormal in nature. That news pleased Pat, which made Chris happy too.

Chris and Bobby do thank Pat for having them come and investigate Bethany House. Anytime they get to investigate is a worthwhile endeavor.

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