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Butler Jail/High School- Preliminary Visit/Investigation
The old High School/Jail of Butler, MO
on Friday 06 February 2009
by chris author list
in SMGw Investigations > Historical Site Investigations

This old building has been used for many different things in its lifetime, and the EVPs tell a tale. This was such a successful EVP session that we're going back!

And we did go back with the entire staff Feb 2009

Investigation Log:

Paranormal Investigation
Location: Butler Mo. Old High School/Jail

Time investigation started: 11:30pm
Time investigation ended: 2:30am
Weather: Cool, Dry, Clear, And Calm
Investigators: Bobby and Christine Blue

Background Info:

Bobby received call from a local police officer inquiring about Show Me Ghosts West. Bobby explained that we are looking for places to investigate using technology-based methods. The officer suggested the Old High School building. The police dept, at one point was stationed there. The officer explained that he and other officers had unexplainable occurrences in that building. The officer offered to open the building up to us for an investigation on an evening he was on duty.

The Investigation:

We met with the officer. He opened up the building and any locked passages. We did a preliminary interview with him to attain places inside the building of particular interest. He was very apprehensive about the #1 holding cell. This was the place he had experienced numerous unexplainable events. Being touched while no one was there. Hearing noises and voices while no one else was there. A feeling of being watched while alone and a sense of being moved to leave the room. He told us of an inmate who hung himself in that cell. There was obvious controversy around the suicide and more so as the man was a black man in a predominately white small town society. That being the case, the state and FBI were called in. No fowl play or neglect on the part of the officials were found. The officer opened up regarding his own abilities to sense the paranormal and we discussed this at great length. We felt very comfortable and assured that this man was being sincere in what he had experienced here. He left us to start our investigation.
We started by setting up stationary digital voice recorders in the cell #1 and the second floor bannister to the third floor. Bobby carried the Hi8 video and temp gauge. Christine carried a digital voice recorder and EMF detector. We did approximately 30 minutes of EVP and Video work in Cell #1. We then moved to the second floor. We did 30 min of EVP and Video work there. We then moved to the third floor and did 30 minutes of EVP and Video work there. We moved back down the first floor and Cell #1. Christine set on the steps in front the Cell #1 that lead to the second floor. Bobby stood just below the steps in the corner to video record the hall, steps and Cell #1. We spent another 30 minutes here. We then moved into the auditorium and stage area. We spent another 30 minutes in this area. We then ended the investigation and gathered up our stationary equipment.

Experience during the Investigation:

Cell # 1 did make us feel uneasy but we did not experience any noises, touching or voices while in there. The stationary digital video recorder did lose power about 50 minutes into the investigation. The batteries were brand new. Sitting outside the cell with the door open to it, Chris stated to get a headache and stomachache (which left when we moved on). The EMF meter was a constant 0.20 until Chris asked if any one could change the meter. The meter then suddenly changed to 0.10. The meter was stationary on the steps. Bobby saw a couple of orbs through the video lens and a black shadow moving at the top of the stairs. Investigating the video does show the orbs/light flashes and a dark shadow in the frame. We did also get some interesting EVP responses around the Cell #1.
Second and Third floors seemed uneventful. The second floor made Chris feel uneasy but no noises, touches or voices experienced. There was a feeling of being watched. The second floor held mostly old classrooms. They were locked. Third floor seems peaceful and light- almost happy. The third floor had a large playroom with very creaky floors. We were able to access the rooms there.
Auditorium was eventful. We heard loud banging sounds that were also found on the audio devices. The stage had orbs, which we found on video. And upon later reviewing the video a light is coming from under the backstage curtain that was not visible to us during our investigation. At one point Chris went to the opposite end of the auditorium and sat on the floor to do some EVP work. The video shows Chris sitting on the floor and the floor was clear. At some point Bobby and Chris are talking and bugs start crawling on Chris. The floor was covered with bugs surrounding Chris. We have video of this also.
EMF detector never spiked during the entire investigation. The whole place was at a constant 0.20. There was just one point when the EMF actually dropped a point to 0.10. It was stationary, on the step, sitting beside Chris as she did EVP work just outside Cell #1. EMF dropped a point when Chris asked if anyone could change the count on the device sitting on the step.

Analysis of the investigation proved to be successful in capturing some of our best EVPs.

We are ready to head back into this place for an investigation with the entire crew.

Audio used: 1 Sony handheld digital recorder. 1 RCA handheld digital recorder. 1 DXG 3.0 mega pixel camera, we used the digital voice recorder.

Video used: 1 Sony Handy cam Hi8 video

EMF used: 1 ExTech electromagnetic field meter, set on Gauss frequency.

Feb 2009
Time investigation started: 8:00pm
Time investigation ended: 2:30am
Weather: Cool 40 degrees, Dry, Clear, And Calm
Investigators: Bobby Blue, Christine Blue, Colleen May, Sherry Laughlin and Jason Coffman

Audio used: 2 Sony handheld digital recorder. 2 RCA handheld digital recorder. 1 DXG 3.0 mega pixel camera, we used the digital voice recorder.

Video used: 2 Sony Digital Handy cam Hi8 video

EMF used: 1 ExTech electromagnetic field meter, set on Gauss frequency

Still Photos: 2 Nikon Digital, 1 Sony digital

We spend 5 1/2 hours investigating key places of interest due to the captured EVP's. Although nothing reached out and grabbed us at the time of investigating we felt it was a successful one. We did capture new EVP's, a couple being Class A as before, and sufficiant for our curiosity. We just had a great time too. We all feel that 'activity' is present, however nothing to be worried about as general population holds activities there. It appears the 'activity' only shows itself when asked to and is confined to one certain room ( which is padlocked at all times)

We would like to thank Sheriff Anderson and the Butler local police staff for allowing us access to this truly historic building.

Raw EVPs

Ella White- Full conversation with name

EVP Voice Spectrum Video

Moon Phase
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