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Our First Investigation
Read about our first investigation together, some 20+ years ago.
on Thursday 05 February 2009
by chris author list
in SMGw Investigations > Non-Historical Investigations

The members of SMGw have known each other for a looooooong time! As crazy as it sounds, we started checking out the paranormal stuff when we were young teenagers. This is a recount of our very first paranormal investigation together.

It was 1985. We (Bobby, Chris, Colleen, and a few friends) decided to seek out an abandoned 1920’s swim club that we had heard about. Being young adults and bored with the same old Saturday nite gig we headed out, seeking some kind of adventure.

Colleen had the approximate location. We parked by the side of the road and walked about a mile and half through an open field and into a wooded area. Just past the woods, a clearing opened up. In this area we saw old concrete shelters, benches, patios and a full pond with an island in the middle. This must be the place we had been looking for.

For a few hours we milled around the ruins. We contemplated the origins of the place and people that must have worked here and played here. Then we noticed that our group of 5 or 6 had turned into 8 to 10. Other people had arrived without us seeing or hearing them walk up. They said nothing to us, but just milled around among us. When we spoke to them, they moved away without saying a word. Shortly after they reappeared on the island, in the middle of the pond, wearing dry clothing. Some of our friends were ready to get the hell out of there. We concurred and started to leave. Suddenly a voice came from the island. “ Have a nice night, Colleen.” What? Someone on the island knew one of our names? How could that be? We had not said aloud any of our names. We did not recognize anyone of them as people we knew. We were not even in our own neighborhood for anyone to know us. We decided to move out of the area a little faster.

Back through the woods and into the open field we came. One of our friends was walking just ahead of the group. At this point we saw the image of a man sitting under a small tree. Apparently our friend did not see the man. He walked right through him. All we could do was stand, stare and point as the apparition looked up at our friend, as he was being walked through, and then disappeared. Our friend even tripped a little as he went through the man, turned to look at what he had felt and saw our faces. Poor guy, he turned pale and said, “I think I just walked through a dude.” We concurred again; yes he had just walked through a dude.

Our car ride back to Colleen’s was full of excitement. Had we all experienced the ghosts of the old swim club? Yes, we felt we had. This was no mass hallucination or hypnosis. And so for Bobby, Chris and Colleen this set the wheels in motion for 25 year of spirit seeking together. Our love of historic places and curiosity of the spirit world has lead us to who we are today. Little did we know, that night was our first investigation together, and would later form into Show Me Ghosts West, A Missouri Paranormal Search Team.

We did later return to this place…. But that is another story.
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