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Grove Street Trailer
Yes, even trailers can be haunted!
on Thursday 05 February 2009
by colleen author list
in SMGw Investigations > Non-Historical Investigations
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Although its not common, even a trailer can yield paranormal activity. The Grove Street trailer in Butler, MO produced some pretty interesting data.

Investigation Log:

SMG Investigation
Local Family Residence
Butler Mo 64730

On Sept. 15th Bobby received a call from a local police officer regarding a woman who came into the Butler police station on Sept 13th. This woman had come to the police seeking assistance with unexplainable happenings at her private residence in Butler, Mo. In her explanation to the police she stated she and her family had been experiencing loud bangs and knocks coming from within her home. She also stated objects had begun to move from their original origins to numerous places over the house. On Sept 13 the incidences escalated. She explained that a 22-caliber gun clip that was loaded in her husbands’ gun, located in the bedroom, had ended up in the living room. She stated she and her husband witnessed the clip moving across the floor in the kitchen. This object appeared to be moving across the floor of it’s own free will. At that time her husband told her they were packing up and moving out. Ms Resident and her husband drove to the police station. The officer told her this was not an issue that the police handled. They did, however, go to the house and inspect the grounds. The police found no one inside or outside on the premises. The officer told Ms Resident about SMGw and gave her a business card and referred her to us. He also called Bobby and explained that Ms. Resident would be calling and about her situation. Ms Resident contacted SMG and we agreed to an investigation. Ms Resident and her husband moved out of the trailer and in with their son that night. The location is a rented doublewide trailer, approx. 15 years old. It sits on a small lot on the east side of Butler, Mo.

The Investigation:

On the night of Sept. 24 we met Ms. Resident at the trailer at 9pm. She gave us the same information she had given the police. She then hesitantly entered the house with us. We went room by room as she told us of the various anomalies they had experienced. Ms. Resident was very nervous and did not want to stay in the house any longer than needed. She explained that the activity started slowly at first, approximately 3 months prior, and usually began around 10pm every night. To begin with, objects from the back bathroom were found moved to the kitchen the next morning. Then, loud banging and various knocking would happen all through the night. As the months progressed, so did the paranormal activity. She stated that the night of the13th was particularly active, with a full moon and a strong electrical storm, and she felt that whatever was in the house took full advantage of the situation. Ms. Resident stated that she had never had any experiences such as this in her life before, and that she didn't really believe in such occurrences. She mentioned that she had called her Pastor to help a few weeks prior. The pastor came to the home, did a blessing and told her not to worry, but the occurrences continued after the blessing. By the end of our tour with her, approx 10 min., Ms. Resident was extremely nervous and ready to leave. She told us she would not be back that night. She asked us to lock the door and call her when we left. She gave us her son's cell phone number and departed. As one of our investigators put it, “She ran from the front porch! Her car was started and moving out of the driveway before she she even had the car door shut.”

At 9:30pm we checked the outside of the premises for any loose objects on the house. We carried in our equipment. We set up the equipment in various locations throughout the house. We went back outside, performed a protection blessing and then began our investigation.

First, Bobby went around the house and took base EMF and temperature readings. The EMF was a constant 0.1 on the Gauze side. The temp was 80.7 around the house. The heating/cooling appliances were all set to "off". We set stationary digital voice recorders in the north bedroom, living area and south bathroom.

First room investigated was the north bedroom. It had been the sons’ room prior to him moving out on his own. We had a stationary digital voice recorder set in the corner. Colleen had the Hi-8 video camera. Bobby did an EMF sweep. Chris performed an EVP session. Ms. Resident had stated at one point, when she had walked into the house, the window mini blind had been hanging in mid air straight out from the window. When she walked into the room, the blind fell to its normal hanging position. During the investigation of this room we played with the blind to see if we could duplicate the situation. We could find no reasonable explanation and could not duplicate the action. The blinds were metal and even if the window had been open and a gust of wind had come in the heaviness of the metal was not likely to have lifted it up.

We then moved into the living room area. The area of the kitchen, dining and living room were all one long space. Ms Resident indicated that, due to the recent escalation of activity, she and her husband had moved out of their bedroom and were sleeping in the living room area. As a team, we started investigating the living area. Colleen had the Hi-8 video in the living room corner. Chris sat down on the floor. Bob stood by the bar area. Bob took initial temp reading (80 degrees) and did an EMF sweep. Chris and Colleen started EVP work. At one point in this part of the investigation the Hi-8 shut down for unknown reasons and we could not get it to turn back on. We changed the camera and started again with a new, fully-charged camera. We had a stationary Sony digital voice recorder sitting on the bar. We had a lighted EMF detector sitting in the middle of the dining area floor. Bob noticed the EMF detector he was carrying was jumping around in the dining area. As he got closer to the first alert alarm on the baseboard of the dining room the gauge went from 0.1 to 3.5 and higher. The EMF generated from the first alert was high but within normal ranges of a foot or so from the detector. We spent approx. 45 minutes in this area of the house.

We then moved into the back (south) bedroom and bathroom. This is the area where Ms. Resident had indicated as the origin for most of the mysterious noises. This is also the area in which many moving objects originated from, including the 22-caliber clip. Ms. Resident had stated numerous items from the south bathroom would be found moved into the kitchen and dining area over night. For this part of the investigation, we had a Hi-8 static/stationary camera set up all night. We also placed a stationary digital voice recorder in the bathroom. We carried two hand-held voice recorders, one digital thermometer and one EMF detector. During our time in the south bedroom, we encountered a loud bang coming from the bathroom. Upon investigation, we could find no explanation for the loud noise.

Reviewing the Data

The loud bang coming from the south bedroom/bathroom during our investigation was captured on our digital video and audio recorders.

During our review of the video, we noticed a white orb that seemed to flutter by the camera in the south bedroom while we are in the adjoining bathroom. The footage on video is directly after we laugh at Bob telling us the temp and EMF readings. It is almost like the orb moved away from the bathroom, after we laugh, and into a quieter place in the bedroom.

We left all digital recorders and camera running while we stepped outside for our breaks. Upon audio review, we found numerous evp’s on the recorder in the living room while we were outside on break.

We had numerous equipment malfunctions: Cameras turned off, flashlights turned off and ceiling fans turned on. Bob experienced a feeling of someone brushing his pant leg while he was in the living room.

Although we did acquire several EVP’s, had equipment failures and felt brushes against clothing, we could not with all certainly say this residence is haunted. We did not witness any physical movement anomalies, as reported by the resident, and since they have moved out of the trailer, no further investigation will take place.


Two weeks later, after gathering our notes, we met with Ms. Resident to show her the video of the orb and audio EVP’s. We advised her that since she had moved, there was no way to do a follow-up investigation. We asked her if she had done a follow up with her Minister. She felt at the time, she was clear of any paranormal activity in her new home and a cleansing was not necessary. We gave her copies of the gathered data and she felt consoled.

Post Script: One week later, Ms. Resident called us at around 3,4 and 5am. Upon hearing the messages left, Chris called Ms Resident. Ms. Resident said she felt the activity had followed her to her new home and things were moving around in the new house. However in the background Chris could hear the son of Ms Resident stating quite loudly to his mother, No Mom it was just me messing around...Chris not quite sure of how to proceed, advised Ms. Resident to call her clergy, the one that had counseled her previously. Then she was asked to call Chris back, and Chris would come over to meet with the Ms. Residents clergy and form a plan. Ms. Resident never called Chris back. We had to close our files on the one as the resident did not have access to the facility anymore and she never called Chris back for further help in the matter.


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Moaning in the South Bedroom/Bathroom
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This footage was filmed on location at the Grove Street Trailer in Butler, MO


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