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Seese Building- Butler, MO
Butler's Commercial Haunted House
on Thursday 05 February 2009
by colleen author list
in SMGw Investigations > Historical Site Investigations

One would expect to find ghosts and ghouls in a commercial haunted house, but this old building has more haunting going on than expected...

Investigation Log:

Investigation: Seese Building
Location: S.E Corner on the Historical Butler Square; Butler, Mo
Investigation Date: 2008

Location History:

The Seese building has a long and rich history of commerce trading. It was built in the late 1800’s and the word on the street is that the Seese family had it constructed for the purposes of being a meat market. The building stayed in the Seese family for a few generations and has had a wide variety of businesses under its roof. Chris’s grandmother recalled that at one time (probably during the 1920's & 30's), the upper level was a roller skating rink. The Seese building was also the location of Jennings Market and in 1973, the new owners relocated their Sears Catalog Store to the building. During the 80’s, the building was used as a Senior Center and after that, a consignment store and an auction house. Most recently the building is the location of the Bates County Elks Lodge commercial haunted house. This is where SMGw steps in...

Bobby, being the creative being he is, volunteers his costume and special effects talents to the Elks each Halloween season for their haunted house. During his time there, people started telling him tales about the real hauntings at the Seese building. They spoke of strange occurrences where the electronic equipment would be working when no power was on in the building, or people working alone heard unfamiliar noises, bangs and bumps in the night not typically associated with the normal sights and sounds of a commercial haunted house.

Bobby thought it would be an awesome place to do a paranormal investigation and he pursued the idea. He went through the proper channels and received permission from the Elks and Police staff to conduct such an investigation. After several visits to this location, it has turned out to be quite active, we feel, in the ghostly way. Each night spent proved to attain some kind of interaction and some enticing data.

The Investigations:

At this time I will not go into great detail about each investigation. However, you can listen to some of the fascinating EVP’s we have collected at this facility, listed below. You can also take a look at our first video: "Show Me Ghost West Presents, You're Not Crazy~ A Paranormal Journal, Part I, II and III".
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Class A EVPs
Is There Anybody In Here Besides Us?
Knocking Response With Voice
Class B EVPs
I Like The Smell Of Your Tobacco

Our first "Pilot" episode of "You're Not Crazy - A Paranormal Journal" was shot at the Seese building. You can see it in 5 parts listed below.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Moon Phase
Paranormal Movies
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