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Colleen May
Colleen May SMGw Production Manager
on Monday 12 January 2009
by colleen author list
in Show Me Ghosts West Members > SMGw Core Members

A bit about Colleen May, SMGw production manager

By day, COLLEEN MAY is the friendly, neighborhood hippy artist and life-long friend to the others. She is an airbrush specialist, body painter ar-tiste, computer whiz (geek!), web creator and SMGw production manager. She has a knack for being a costume and makeup connoisseur, often being found on the set of independent films. She is Mother of four, Grandmother of one, JASON’s big sister, and when she & CHRIS get together, she is Captain Morgan’s first shipmate.
By night, COLLEEN MAY is… well… it depends on the night. On some nights, she can be found creating indie horror film fx, some nights can find her making monsters for commercial haunted houses, and on other nights she can be found joining her SMGw friends for a nice evening in the paranormal jungle. She is the team camcorder nut, spotter of video anomalies, freaky feeling specialist and locations advisor.
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