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Bobby Blue
Bobby Blue - Lead Investigator-SMGw Founder
on Monday 12 January 2009
by colleen author list
in Show Me Ghosts West Members > SMGw Core Members

Here is a bit about Bobby Blue, our lead investigator.

By day, Bobby Blue is the Native American (Choctaw) funny man with amazing creativity and quick wit. He’s an ar-tiste and clever little shit who can fix anything (with some bailing wire or hot glue). He’s known as the resident cow herder, collector of animals, tractor driver, heating and cooling guy, deer slayer, turkey caller, and drum-beater; not to mention being Father of two, Grand-Pappy to one, and the love of CHRIS’s life.
By night, BOBBY BLUE is the IR guy who sticks his camera into corners the most lion-hearted would shun! He is the calm voice of reason when things get a little too spooky and he is keen in tracking down a physical cause to something that appears to be paranormal.

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