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Content Category What To Expect If We Investigate For You
What To Expect If We Investigate For You (0 items)
Here is the basics of what we offer to do on an investigation.
Friday 09 April 2010 / chris author list
1) A phone interview with the client requesting the investigation.

2) A preliminary walkthrough of facility with involved parties.

3) A face to face interview with involved persons, this will be recorded for future reference.

4) A sweep of the site with EMF, Temps and Weather condition monitors as well as video and still photos.

5) A 2-5 hour investigation session involving EVP work, stationary video and audio surveillance, digital still shots, EMF, temp and weather monitoring. This time is exclusive to the SMGw members only. Special permission can be obtained for a client to remain with the investigators during this time. This is determined on a case by case basis.

6) A review of all material gathered at investigation.

7) A discussion of data found with SMGw group members.

A follow-up conference with the client discussing what we have found and what we believe is taking place. This also includes consultation on steps to cope with or mitigate the activity.

9) A posting of any paranormal activity documented, on our web site.

10) A follow-up with client to see how things are going.

SMGw does NOT use the following methods for investigation
1) Ouija boards

2) Séances

3) Channeling


At this time SMGw does not charge for our services. Donations for our gas, tapes and time are greatly appreciated.

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