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The Honorary Members of Show Me Ghosts West
Monday 14 September 2009 / colleen author list
Often times, Show Me Ghosts West has a guest investigator join us on a research project or investigation, and some of them are keepers! These enjoyable and insightful individuals are dubbed as our Honorary Members. [read more]
Paul Campbell
He's the camera guy...
on 05 Feb 2011 by colleen author list
Paul and Colleen have known each other for years, working on many Independent films together. Being [...]
By day, Paul wears many hats: He's a delivery driver, real estage agent, 1st Assistant Director, very talented & award-winng actor, fight choreographer and camera man. By night, Paul is our 3rd perspective camera guy. He not only keeps his camera focused on the investigative team, but he adds to our adventures with his diverse skills and keen sense of observation. [read more]
Paul Ford - Our First Honorary Member
on 15 Nov 2009 by chris author list
Here is a little bit about Paul Ford, aka, Old Dwarf.
Paul Ford came into our group during the investigation we did for producers of Albino Farm the movie. Paul is an actor who portrayed the Old Dwarf in the Albino Farm movie. When the film went into the editing room, a strange glitch was discovered in one frame of footage with Paul in it. This one photo prompted [read more]
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