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Thursday 05 February 2009 / colleen author list print the category item create pdf file of the category item
SMGw seems to land in very interesting places. It stands to reason that locations with a long human history would be prime for paranormal activity. This is why we tend to find ourselves investigating excessively old and cool locations, trying to understand the history of those who were there before us. Every haunting has a saga or legend of some kind, and these are the [read more]
El Dorado Springs Mo
Wayside Inn Museum
on 25 Apr 2011 by chris author list
On April 9th 2011 Bobby, Colleen and Chris investigated the Wayside Inn Museum located in Historic E[...]
El Dorado Springs Sun Front Page Thursday, April 14, 2011 Spook team tours museum Who: Show-me Ghosts West What: paranormal investigations When: after dark, Saturday, April 9 Where: Wayside Inn Museum Why: well,..why not? As teenagers in 1984, Bobby Joe, Christine and Colleen, may have looked the part of average kids, but their after hours hobby probably wasn’t the norm for the time, nor is [read more]
on 14 Jun 2010 by chris author list
Once again we investigate in an area that had heavy civil war engagement and boarder warring. The h[...]
[Show Me Ghosts West Paranormal Investigation 04/24/2010 Location: House of Doors SE Missouri Time investigation started: 7:00pm Time investigation ended: 1:30pm Weather: Cool, Damp, Rainy-no major storms. SMGw Investigators: Bobby and Christine Blue, Sherry Laughlin, Colleen May Hosting Investigators: The Society of Historical Curiosities; Jodi Roberts and Mike Iske and their team Background Info: Our team was asked to assist with an investigation at a private home where a family member had recently [read more]
Bates County Museum of Pioneer History
Bates County Museum of Pioneer History
on 13 Jul 2009 by chris author list
The Bates County Museum of Pioneer History is located in the middle of historic Butler Mo. This bui[...]
The Bates County Museum of Pioneer History Paranormal Investigation April 11th and April 17th 2009 Location: Bates County Museum of Pioneer History Butler, Mo. April 11th 2009 Time investigation started: 7:00pm Time investigation ended: 12:30am Weather: Cool, Dry, Clear, and Calm Investigators: Bobby Blue, Christine Blue, Sherry Laughlin, Diane Bartels, Jim Laughlin Equipment used: 2 EMF detectors, 4 digital voice recorders, 2 stationary surveillance cameras, 1 Hi-8, 1 mini DV, Background Info: The building, [read more]
Butler Jail/High School- Preliminary Visit/Investigation
The old High School/Jail of Butler, MO
on 06 Feb 2009 by chris author list
This old building has been used for many different things in its lifetime, and the EVPs tell a tale.[...]
Investigation Log: Paranormal Investigation 09-09-2008 Location: Butler Mo. Old High School/Jail Time investigation started: 11:30pm Time investigation ended: 2:30am Weather: Cool, Dry, Clear, And Calm Investigators: Bobby and Christine Blue Background Info: Bobby received call from a local police officer inquiring about Show Me Ghosts West. Bobby explained that we are looking for places to investigate using technology-based methods. The officer suggested the Old High School building. The police dept, [read more]
Seese Building- Butler, MO
Butler's Commercial Haunted House
on 05 Feb 2009 by colleen author list
One would expect to find ghosts and ghouls in a commercial haunted house, but this old building has [...]
Investigation Log: Investigation: Seese Building Location: S.E Corner on the Historical Butler Square; Butler, Mo Investigation Date: 2008 Location History: The Seese building has a long and rich history of commerce trading. It was built in the late 1800’s and the word on the street is that the Seese family had it constructed for the purposes of being a meat market. The building [read more]
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