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Places we searched without a notable history
Thursday 05 February 2009 / colleen author list print the category item create pdf file of the category item
These are the places we've investigated that didn't necessarily have a notable history, though this certainly didn't detract from the paranormal activity! Many times, we have been taken by surprise with a haunting that didn't reside in an old plantation or graveyard, but were instead in a newly-built bar.
A Private Home In Westline
on 11 May 2010 by chris author list
A family friend who has been following our paranormal adventures shared our web site with her daught[...]
Paranormal Investigation 03/26/2010 Location: Westline Mo. Time investigation started: 7:00pm Time investigation ended: 1:00pm Weather: Cool, Dry, Clear, and Breezy Investigators: Bobby and Christine Blue, Sherry and Jim Laughlin Background Info: A family friend who has been following our paranormal adventures shared our web site with her daughter Angela. Through that network, Angela contacted us about experiences in her home that the entire family had been witnessing. It [read more]
on 19 Aug 2009 by chris author list
Background Info:
Albino Farm the movie was written, directed and produced by Joe Anderson and Sean [...]
THE ALBINO FARM / OLD DWARF ROAD INVESTIGATION JUNE 16 2009 LOCATION: OLD DWARF ROAD; WARRENSBURG MO. This is where Show Me Ghosts West came in. Since there didn't seem to be a technical or logical reason for this image anomaly, Joe Anderson asked the team to give our paranormal opinion. Understand that only one frame in this footage was affected with this [read more]
Bethany House
Private residence now a Public Guest House
on 11 Apr 2009 by chris author list
Investigation at Bethany Guest House in Butler, Missouri. January 2009. Investigators present: Bob[...]
Investigation: Bethany House Butler, Mo January 2009 Before Bethany House was the beautiful, tranquil commercial guesthouse that it is, it was just a normal residence. This little house has been tucked away in the family neighborhood of small town Butler, Mo for numerous years. After a few years of some neglect, the place was remodeled. A head to toe makeover was [read more]
Grove Street Trailer
Yes, even trailers can be haunted!
on 05 Feb 2009 by colleen author list
Although its not common, even a trailer can yield paranormal activity. The Grove Street trailer in B[...]
Investigation Log: SMG Investigation Local Family Residence Butler Mo 64730 09/24/08 On Sept. 15th Bobby received a call from a local police officer regarding a woman who came into the Butler police station on Sept 13th. This woman had come to the police seeking assistance with unexplainable happenings at her private residence in Butler, Mo. In her explanation to the police she stated [read more]
Our First Investigation
Read about our first investigation together, some 20+ years ago.
on 05 Feb 2009 by chris author list
The members of SMGw have known each other for a looooooong time! As crazy as it sounds, we started c[...]
It was 1985. We (Bobby, Chris, Colleen, and a few friends) decided to seek out an abandoned 1920’s swim club that we had heard about. Being young adults and bored with the same old Saturday nite gig we headed out, seeking some kind of adventure. Colleen had the approximate location. We parked by the side of the road and walked [read more]
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