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SMGw has a show and its called "You're Not Crazy~ A Paranormal Journal"
Friday 30 January 2009 / colleen author list
Logline (short pitch): Ghost Hunters meets That 70’s Show... with infrared, man!

Synopsis: The Show Me Ghosts West paranormal search team (from Missouri, of course) is on the prowl for ghosts! The life-long group of friends spends their time searching for and interacting with the paranormal, as they have for the past 30+ years together. The Bohemian team is interactive, intuitive and humorous with investigations at some of the creepiest locations in the world.
The team will visit locations reported to be haunted or have some type of paranormal interest. SMGw will set up with over-night observations at these locations, obtaining audio, video and still image evidence, incorporating their never-before-seen formatting into their investigations. The format is specifically designed to target audio and video communication with the unseen presences reported to haunt the locations. Yes, that means they can see and hear ghosts in real time while audiences watch!
The SMGw search team relates well to the audience, but they are also experienced paranormal investigators who will take the viewer to places and show them things that most people only read about. They are intelligent and knowledgeable with the history of the location and they do not use “psychics” or “mediums” in their investigations. They do, however, employ their own common sense and intuitive abilities.
The first season will be all about introducing the ground-breaking evidence to the audience. SMGw can talk to disembodied voices. They can see strange lights and shadows. Now, through their innovative technical formatting, they can also share those experiences with anyone who wants to watch. Who knows what things are whispered in the dark or what shadows flit around in a dim room? We’ll find out.
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