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So this is what we're all about!
Friday 30 January 2009 / chris author list
Show Me Ghosts West
A Missouri Paranormal Search Team

Our Calling

The definition of the word Calling is: “An inner urge or strong impulse, especially one believed to be divinely inspired.” We at SMGw have that inner urge to search for credible answers to many issues surrounding the world of the paranormal.
We seek spirits and/or energies that have passed from our known perception of life, through the veil and into the not-so-known afterlife, but who are leaving signs that they are still among us.

What does Paranormal really mean? The definition of paranormal is: “Beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation.” The definition of normal is: “Conforming to the standard or the common.” We at SMGw realize that for some the paranormal is very normal, as in they regularly do or have in common with others the same feelings, sightings or experiences associated with spirit activity.

Our Purpose as a Team
Our purpose is to thoughtfully and scientifically with technology-based methods investigate personal accounts of spirit activity. Our hope is to add to the already numerous accounts of paranormal investigations world wide with some of our own credible evidence and documented experiences.

How We Seek
We do not use psychic personalities in our investigative processes; however, we do believe in and use our own God-given intuitive and instinctive abilities. As well, we also use some of the newest scientific equipment in the field of paranormal research, such as infra-red video imagery, electronic audio evidence (EVPs), electro-magnetic field detection, expert analysis, verifiable temperature fluctuation and air/wind movement.

Our Team
Our team of investigators is a group of life-long friends (30+ years) and family who have had multiple intuitive and paranormal experiences, both together and individually. Our familiarity with this field and with one another lends to a comfort level, fully evident in our on-sight interactions, investigations and excellent communication with one another, as well as with anyone in attendance. There is also a strong comic element between our members, adding hearty laughs to the heart-stopping suspense of our ghostly interactions.
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