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Butler Jail/High School- Preliminary Visit/Investigation
The old High School/Jail of Butler, MO
on 06 Feb 2009 by chris author list
This old building has been used for many different things in its lifetime, and the EVPs tell a tale.[...]
Investigation Log: Paranormal Investigation 09-09-2008 Location: Butler Mo. Old High School/Jail Time investigation started: 11:30pm Time investigation ended: 2:30am Weather: Cool, Dry, Clear, And Calm Investigators: Bobby and Christine Blue Background Info: Bobby received call from a local police officer inquiring about Show Me Ghosts West. Bobby explained that we are looking for places to investigate using technology-based methods. The officer suggested the Old High School building. The police dept, [read more]
Our First Investigation
Read about our first investigation together, some 20+ years ago.
on 05 Feb 2009 by chris author list
The members of SMGw have known each other for a looooooong time! As crazy as it sounds, we started c[...]
It was 1985. We (Bobby, Chris, Colleen, and a few friends) decided to seek out an abandoned 1920’s swim club that we had heard about. Being young adults and bored with the same old Saturday nite gig we headed out, seeking some kind of adventure. Colleen had the approximate location. We parked by the side of the road and walked [read more]
Moon Phase
Paranormal Movies
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