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Grove Street Trailer
Yes, even trailers can be haunted!
on 05 Feb 2009 by colleen author list
Although its not common, even a trailer can yield paranormal activity. The Grove Street trailer in B[...]
Investigation Log: SMG Investigation Local Family Residence Butler Mo 64730 09/24/08 On Sept. 15th Bobby received a call from a local police officer regarding a woman who came into the Butler police station on Sept 13th. This woman had come to the police seeking assistance with unexplainable happenings at her private residence in Butler, Mo. In her explanation to the police she stated [read more]
Seese Building- Butler, MO
Butler's Commercial Haunted House
on 05 Feb 2009 by colleen author list
One would expect to find ghosts and ghouls in a commercial haunted house, but this old building has [...]
Investigation Log: Investigation: Seese Building Location: S.E Corner on the Historical Butler Square; Butler, Mo Investigation Date: 2008 Location History: The Seese building has a long and rich history of commerce trading. It was built in the late 1800’s and the word on the street is that the Seese family had it constructed for the purposes of being a meat market. The building [read more]
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