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Bobby Blue
Bobby Blue - Lead Investigator-SMGw Founder
on 12 Jan 2009 by colleen author list
Here is a bit about Bobby Blue, our lead investigator.
By day, Bobby Blue is the Native American (Choctaw) funny man with amazing creativity and quick wit. He’s an ar-tiste and clever little shit who can fix anything (with some bailing wire or hot glue). He’s known as the resident cow herder, collector of animals, tractor driver, heating and cooling guy, deer slayer, turkey caller, and drum-beater; not to mention [read more]
Christine Blue
Christine Blue SMGw Lead Paranormal Interviewer
on 12 Jan 2009 by colleen author list
A bit about Chris, lead paranormal interviewer
By day, CHRIS BLUE is the hematite; the quick-witted, grounded one. She’s the corporate girl who telecommutes as an insurance processor and she likes to hostess for the local wine shoppe, but still finds time to keep up with a country home. She bakes some wicked candies and pies, and gives attention to her 2 children, 1 grandchild and her [read more]
Colleen May
Colleen May SMGw Production Manager
on 12 Jan 2009 by colleen author list
A bit about Colleen May, SMGw production manager
By day, COLLEEN MAY is the friendly, neighborhood hippy artist and life-long friend to the others. She is an airbrush specialist, body painter ar-tiste, computer whiz (geek!), web creator and SMGw production manager. She has a knack for being a costume and makeup connoisseur, often being found on the set of independent films. She is Mother of four, Grandmother of [read more]
Jason Coffman
Jason Coffman Lead Bohemian
on 12 Jan 2009 by colleen author list
A bit about Jason Coffman, our lead Bohemian.
By day, JASON COFFMAN is the Bohemian and BOBBY’s rogue friend. Webster’s defines Bohemian as: “A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior”. Yep, that’s JASON. He’s a tattooed, music-loving, party animal who is also a passionate and compassionate friend. He’s a physical fitness buff and an awesome bodyguard who has spent the last [read more]
Sherry Laughlin
Sherry Laughlin SMGw Team Member
on 12 Jan 2009 by colleen author list
A bit about Sherry Laughlin, SMGW's newest investigative member.
By day, SHERRY LAUGHLIN is the faithful friend with great dimples. She’s a died-in-the-wool music lover who always has a smile to warm the room. SHERRY is the Mother of three, Grandmother of three, and BOBBY and CHRIS’s beloved Sister-In Law. By night, SHERRY LAUGHLIN is the investigator who monitors the temperature and EMF readings. She takes great still [read more]
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